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Texas Wolfdog Project and Shelter Inc. is an all volunteer and donation based rescue/adoption facility dedicated to saving as many adoptable wolfdogs and northern breed dogs in the State of Texas as humanly possible. This will be based off of available foster homes, suitable adoptive homes and of course, financial resources for veterinary care, transportation and basic care of the residents of Texas Wolfdog Project. Please let it be known that we are not a sanctuary and aim to take in animals that are socialized and adoptable. We support responsible ownership and public education, as well as promoting education for other rescue groups, shelters and Animal Control facilities concerning proper wolfdog identification, evaluation and care. Please send any monetary donations to: Texas Wolfdog Project and Shelter Inc. P.O. Box 610150 Houston, TX 77208-0150 or via our Paypal account located at: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZZG948UC6TM6S Prior to visiting and volunteering, please read and review this document: https://goo.gl/T90Z6Z

Asher (#HAshMan) gets the pack going


24874 Weeren Rd
Montgomery, Texas 77316

Look for the black chainlink fence in front.

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  • Education about Wolfdogs, Volunteer opportunities, spend time with woofers


Open to the public every Saturday to volunteer and visit For other days call us to schedule a private tour - (855) 897-9663 Saturday 11AM to 5PM

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(855) 897-9663

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