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Our professional and courteous health care team aspires to excellence in medical quality and client service. We utilize cutting edge and state of the art knowledge, equipment, and techniques that are available to care for your pets and exceed your expectations. We recognize the bond between people and pets and treat them as part of the family. As an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association, we are dedicated to providing excellence in small animal care.

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2959 SW Freeway
Houston, Texas 77098

Right off Highway 59 across from Olive Garden.

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  • Henrietta Award Winner: Best Veterinary Clinic 2013, 2014 & 2015


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2 Reviews
Oneida Arredondo
Houston, Tx.
Best Hospital

I brought my dog in, she ended up needing an emergency surgery to save her life. She was taken in immediately and they took great care of her! I will forever be thankful to Sunset Animal Hospital and Dr. Z for being the best.

April 2018

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Houston, TX

My formal review of Sunset Hospital in Houston: no stars. DO NOT TAKE YOUR BELOVED ANIMAL HERE! I never make reviews but I feel compelled to do so after what happened to my sweet Pheebee. I hope that maybe this review will save your pets life as I wish I would have read the reviews before coming here.At 1750 11/19 I took my dog here after she developed a large abscess from playing at my moms ranch. Being an ICU nurse I have a pretty extensive medical background. When I first brought her in she was tachypnic, tachycardic,febrile, and lethargic classic early signs of septic shock. Dr. Enrique was her first physician... He suggested we run labs and get a chest X-ray which I happily agreed. Money was not a barrier here! Labs came back and at first her calcium came back abnormally high so he wanted to run it again because their machine had been messing up (this should have been my first sign) it came back again and it was within normal range. Her WBC count was elevated which I already predicted it would be! Dr. Enrique wanted to give her antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds. I asked him if we could open up the abscess and put in drains or anything else as I believed she was becoming septic. He looked me dead in the eyes and said he didn’t think she was septic and he wasn’t concerned about it but that we could give her a bolus and an IV antibiotic if I was that concerned. I agreed and he sent me home. Later that night after I stayed up all night with pheebee I became alarmed because her wound started to drain a foul smelling pus/blood and her abscess started to become purple/black and she was more lethargic so I immediately brought her back at 3 AM. Dr. Sekar was her vet this time. He examined pheebee and told me I had nothing to worry about that the “so called bruising was normal” I again expressed I was very concerned she was septic and that she might have necrotizing fasciitis and my concerns were shrugged off and I was told I needed to let the antibiotics kick in He said all he could do was flush the wound and he did and sent me home... the doctor didn’t even check her vitals before he sent me on my cultures were drawn from either doctor.... GROSS NEGLIGENCE. I tried to push my worries aside and “let the antibiotics kick in” until pheebee became so lethargic my poor baby couldn’t even lift her head and I had to get my boyfriend to carry her to the car. We returned to the hospital for the THIRD TIME at 1030 AM the same day where dr stallings told me my dog was in severe septic shock and she needed to be admitted to the ICU. She was put on a fluid drip and was started on antibiotics. I came to visit pheebee again to bring her blankets from home and sit with her and she was starting to look a little better. Dr. Stallings gave me an update and I went home to rest. At 8:30 that night I called for an update and I was told she was doing fine and that there wasn’t any changes. At 10:45 I received a call from the doctor saying that pheebee was rapidly deteriorating and I immediately drove to the hospital where they were pushing fluid and giving her oxygen her temp was very low so they had a heating blanket. The doctor told me they were not equipped to handle this kind of shock and suggested we transport her to Texas A&M via ambulance....pheebee never made it to Texas A&M because she died before transport could get there. Why wasn’t I informed that they weren’t equipped for her condition when I could have transported her when she was more stable? I requested all of her medical records and found out they were only taking vital signs every 6 hours and they never even got a blood pressure. You don’t have to go to medical school to know you have to watch a pts blood pressure very closely if they are in shock. Not to mention the fact that they were not watching her kidney function or monitoring for DIC until it became too late... I intend on writing the veterinary board for each of the doctors listed and filing a formal complaint against sunset Animal Hospital due to the sheer amount of GROSS NEGLIGENCE that occurred. After more than 4,000$ in medical bills all I’m left with is a paw print and a box of ashes. I would have given my kidneys and a million dollars to have pheebee back.

December 2018

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