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Club Canine offers a unique and PROVEN training program, The Thinking Dog Training System, for helping dog owners efficiently train their dogs. Having an established standard for you and your dog to meet defines a true level of safety and convenience in your dog. Our standard is part of what sets us apart from other similar services using both AKC and UKC outlines for Canine Good Citizen(CGC), CGC Adv. Community Canine, Urban Dog as well as AKC Beginner Novice level. ALL our instructors have achieved more advanced levels of training than the above mentioned, at a competitive professional level of judging both the handler and the dog. And it’s what qualifies them to help you be successful with your dog. If instructors have never been professionally evaluated and judged to a standard of behavior and obedience with their own dogs, how can they really help teach it to YOU? We also offer a set of services to help the dog owner who want that safe and reliable dog to go places and do things with, feeling confident in themselves and their dogs behavior and conduct. This is achieved through our Thinking Dog Training System that is intertwined throughout all our services and programs for building continuity, through our Pack Socials(day care), Puppy Partners(day care designed just for puppies), Pack Behavior Therapy(day care for those dogs who are working on social skills and control). While we don’t do all the work for you, we empower you with the skills necessary to lead your dog while providing a safe and structured environment in which owners can use for enrichment purposes and prevent all their hard efforts of working and training with their dogs from being washed down the drain. This keeps your dogs in contact with their day to day rules that are being employed at home as well as practicing them inside an environment that has a great level of distraction for the dogs to work through. Dependability = safety. Our setting promotes a much higher level of safety as well, given how much more the dogs are in control of themselves through their training. And when all the dogs live by the same rules, no one is confused and they don’t teach each other bad habits.


4703 Rose St.
Houston, Texas 77007

Just two blocks south of Washington Ave, off Shepherd, behind Little Woodrows

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  • Full service professional training and behavior programs
  • Expert Puppy Development/Puppy Partners day care
  • Rehabilitation for dogs with severe and terminal behavior issues
  • Daily Pack Socials and Skill Building
  • Gun Dog Training- Retriever and Upland Game
  • Aquatics-swim lessons, group swim, dock diving, retrieval development


Sun-Closed Mon 630-7:00 Tue/Wed 730-7:00 Thur 6:30-7:00 Fri 7:30-6:30 Sat 8-Noon(every other Sat and by appointment)

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(713) 426-3552

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