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Angel Pets of Houston is family owned and operated. We are a professional full time mobile pet care service business. We provide just about everything you might need to care for your pets in your home all over Houston. We excel at making responsible pet ownership easy! Our best seller: Daily Dog Walking: Regular exercise, affection, and socialization facilitates good mental and physical health in dogs. Daily exercise for your dog can reduce the risk of heart disease, digestive problems, urinary infections, depression, stress, and beyond. A tired dog is also a well behaved dog! Sometimes dogs demonstrate ‘unwanted’ behavior such as chewing and scratching on furniture, shoes, whining, barking, digging, etc. Lack of exercise can facilitate this rambunctious behavior. A dog will be less likely to misbehave after a period of exercise with a member from our experienced Houston dog walking team. We serve most areas of Houston west of 45 and further north and west areas such as Cypress, Spring, Tomball.

Grooming in your home video of clients and services


10403 Bushy Creek
Houston, Texas 77070

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  • -We come when you call us!
  • -You get to watch while we groom your pet in your home.
  • -Specializing in grooming VERY difficult pets (not pet sitting them tho! sorry).
  • -No extra per pet or medication fees for pet sitting.
  • -Multiple professional sitters to cover each other when they get sick/take vacay/etc.
  • -Sitters background checked, bonded and insured
  • -We make flying your pet out of country easy


Sat & Sun closed to phone calls but open for pet sitting! Mon thru Fri - Phone calls taken 9 am til 5 pm. , Grooming 9:30 am til 4 pm. , Pet Sitting and Transport open as needed by appointment, Boarding drop off & pick up hours 7 am til 9 am and 5 pm til 9 pm daily.


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Rebecca Burwell Rebecca Burwell
Houston, TX
Purrfect Cat Sitters

Tiffany is an awesome person to work with, and her in home boarding has been a life saver in the past when they took care of my two cats while we were away. They don't require shots since it's all in your own home, which is great when you need an emergency booking! They are very competitively priced and can go to most areas of town. Her employees stop by your house while you're away and will do everything from feeding and litter to taking out and bringing in your trash bins. They rock!

May 2016

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September 2016

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2 Reviews



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